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✍ Congratulation Dato' L.CW !!

Malaysia Bolehh!!

Silver in our heart!

Never mind.I'm still Mas (Gold) .Haha,

A bit disappointed but its okay!

We are done here today

but !!

Not for tomorrow neither future !!

Hope never end!!

Congratulation Dato' Lee Chong Wei ! We are so proud of you!!

You are not alone.Don't be sad!! Malaysia bolehhh!!

Motivation rising up!!



  1. sy sedih bkn sbb DLCW dpt silver, tp sy sedih sbb DLCW kecewa :'( huwaaa x tahan tngk org kecewa ni

  2. dia dah bg yg trbaik dah :) ok la tu dapat silver :)

  3. DLCW lost the game but won our heart. Congrats LCW!


  4. @ejulz thniah# Dato L.CW!! done visit! =D

  5. @Nour Adieb sbb tu sy x tgk dh hmpr last tu..huwaa..dgr berita je

  6. @ayunie ramli Alhamdulillah kan kak..silver pun bkn snng nk dpt! TAHNIAH dATO'L.CW!

  7. @han totally agree!!#malaysiansproudofchongwei


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