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✍ Opss! I did it again ..


Wahai reader sekalian..opss! i did it again.What is that i did it again? Hihihi..for who are recently come in to my blog must be knew.And for sure la..your thought.."eh..tukar lagi..?" Yes ! i did it again..haha..

Actually siang tadi bila aku load blog je mesti ada something wrong.Kejap bunga tak turun..kejap keretapi hilang..kejap komentator hilang..hailaa ! Bukan serentak masalahnya..satu-satu ia buat masalah..gimana sih? Kok gitu jadinya..?

Makanya..aku cubalah refresh ..padam and masukkan semula kod tu sume..but..tetap tak menjadi..apa kes woii!.lama juga menghadap benda alah nie..naik fed up dah aku..then i stop la kejap daripada menghadap benda alah nie..then after that..

A few hours later..i got a comment ! She said the same thing that i thought about ! Oh man !..so that..its truth..this actually not my imagination but actually happen..lorh ! So that was a strong reason that i should do something! No..i must do something!..then..jeng ! jeng ! here they are !

..the look of my blog before

Can you see that..there was no more train moving and flower falling down beautifully in my blog..So sad..

but !..i love the flower falling down..also the moving train but..then ..for this new look..i just put the flower there..and also the song ! Please..please..i just love it ! Just can't get rid of that..for now being..hehehe.


what uols think? dont hesitate to bring out ur thought for this remeh things orait? deal!
Ok la ..just want you to know that..opss ! i did it again..heee.

Till then !



  1. nice....i suka dua2...salam kenal

    1. tq salam kenal kembali..pggil i mas ^_^

  2. As long as entry still can appeared not to worry
    Furthermore you can handle better

    Thank you visit kakak's blog recently.

    1. welcome kak..tq for visited here too ^_^

  3. Singgah pagi....
    wah!hati berbunga² dtg sini...
    siap ada kelopak bunga jatuh² lagi...
    nice ♥

    1. haha..bunga2 nk tackle hati u la tu

  4. Design sekarang nampak lebih kemas :D

    1. really? tq..feel better now..hehe

  5. Menarik.. comelnya kelopak kelopak bunga berguguran..

  6. yang skang lg okei ! mek sukoooo :)


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